Chief Executive Officer - Benjamin King

Benjamin King graduated summa cum laude from C.C.B.C. with an Associates Degree in Applied Science. He received his Bachelor of Arts from U.M.B.C.; an Honors University in Maryland. He has over 27 years experience in the construction field including ten years dedicated to environmental construction. Not only does Mr. King have extensive knowledge in site preparation, building construction, excavation, trenching, sediment and erosion control; he also has a high acumen in soil remediation and disposal. 

During his career, Benjamin has completed nearly a thousand projects for the independent commercial property owner as well as large oil companies. Every one was different in size, complexity and need. However, each project and its client was always treated with the care and importance that he or she deserved. Mr. King’s attention to providing outstanding service has resulted in repeat business and many referrals. This is what Benjamin believes is the true validation of success for a full service environmental contracting company and has become the driving force to satisfying the needs and demands of JETCO’s diverse client base.


Chief Operations Officer - Anthony Christhilf Jr.

Mr. Christhilf, a graduate of Randolph-Macon College with a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies, has an extensive background in Environmental Consulting, with strong emphasis in assessments and active remediation techniques. He is experienced in handling In-situ Chem-ox injection operations with multiple chemicals. Additionally, he is skilled in developing and implementing standardized policies and procedures. 

Anthony Christhilf has previously served four different environmental consulting companies in Maryland and Virginia. He has specifically developed and implemented policies and procedures, resulting in standardized reports; he has developed and produced job specific proposals for all clients. Field work has included, but is not limited to designing and installation custom remediation systems for site specific application. Coordinated and responded to complex environmental needs requests, resulting in increased revenue and efficiency of remedial activity. He has completed over 100 Regional start to finish management of Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments.

Mr. Christhilf has coordinated relationships with other regulatory agencies in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and North Carolina, which helped standardize procedures across all operating groups. His geographical areas of experience include Virginia, District of Columbia, Maryland, Delaware, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Massachusetts.


Chief Financial Officer - DeeAnn King

DeeAnn King graduated from the University of Maryland at Baltimore with a Bachelor of Science. She has spent most of her career in the Dental Industry but has been pursuing her entrepreneurial spirit in the environmental industry over the last 13 years.

Since 2005, DeeAnn has been involved in many facets of the environmental industry. She has worked for environmental companies handling the logistics portion of their operation. She was a prior owner of an environmental company. Showing much initiative, DeeAnn took the opportunity and the steps necessary to assemble a team of experienced and qualified individuals and joined them together to form a new, better environmental company called JETCO, Inc.


Business Development Leader - Rory Ricks

Rory is a native Virginian, born in the northern reaches of the state. He left for Dallas, Texas for college where he earned an Associates degree in Science. He followed that up by pursuing his bachelors degree at the University of Tampa.

In 2008, Mr. Ricks received a Bachelor of Science in Marine Science, Biology and Chemistry. Finding that the hot climate was no longer exciting and wanting to put his knowledge in full effect, he packed up and left for the great white north, eventually finding himself out on the rim of the Pacific ocean, specifically sailing the Bering Sea near Alaska. It was during this time that Rory performed active fisheries management for the National Marine Fisheries Service. He ultimately logged over one thousand sea days before returning back to his home state of Virginia. Rory is now using his education and experiences to help JETCO as our Business Development Leader.